Found Conf 2020 : A Digital Event for Marketers, SEOs, and Executives

found conference event for marketers, SEOs, and executivves

Found Conf 2020 : A Digital Event for Marketers, SEOs, and Executives

There’s no need to get into how hard times are for everyone out there. You know it because you’re living it. For millions of us these are uncertain times. Whether it’s the loss of a job, the decline of an industry, the change to a remote position, or simply anxiety as to how to continue to press forward in a new world – this is where we are today.

What we do know is that our marketing community still wants to communicate and continue to grow. Found Conference 2020 canceled all in person events worldwide several weeks ago… But then we thought, “Why?” So here we are, and as long as our amazing speakers and participants still want the content we’re still going to give it to you!  

Our speaker lineup has been overwhelmingly supportive and amazing – if that’s you, THANK YOU! We are so excited to have you present your amazing marketing ideas to the community. 

To the community, we’re still going to give you an all digital Found Conference and we’re going to make it a free event. We’ll also be making a series of Found Friday events happen for the next few months featuring many of our speakers – we have so much interest we can’t fit it all into one day!

Here are the details (we’ll be continuing to make some updates as we get responses):

  • Found Conference will be held Thursday, May 21 from noon – 4:15pm ET, 9am – 1:15pm PT
  • We will live stream the event and provide details to people who register
  • We will take questions from the audience via a moderator
  • Attendees will get access to video recordings following the event

The format of the event and agenda will continue to be updated on but we also want to give the overview for those who haven’t been to a Found Conference previously. 

What is Found Conference?

Found Conference is a place to discuss all things about digital findability. Whether that’s technical SEO, content creation, analytics and measurement, social media, email marketing, and more. 

The specific topics have delved into algorithm changes, ways to measure your social media success, how to start a podcast, better attribution modeling, executive reporting, and more. 

The format is unique. The conference is meant to spark conversations through short presentations by speakers in the field, people who are on the front lines of their industry, where they bring up an idea, solution, tactic, or thought process. There are five topics, with three speakers per topic. Each speaker gets 10 minutes to talk to the audience, who includes their fellow speakers, about the topic. After all three speakers have presented, the audience has 15 minutes to ask questions, propose their own ideas, and discuss. 

That’s 45 minutes per topic – ask anyone who has been to a Found Conference – it moves FAST. 

What do you get out of Found Conference?

Several people ask what you can really get out of 10 minute presentations and we were nervous about that the first time too! But it turns out, you really get a lot. The format forces our speakers to make a single point and support it with only the most important ideas. They have to stay on topic and the audience doesn’t have time to get bored. 😉 

Because of the interactive aspect of the format, audience members are constantly participating in the event through questions, debate, and several are speakers themselves! Side conversations, follow up calls, and new friendships have all come from past events and we don’t see any reason for that to stop now! 

Who are the speakers?

You, your colleagues, your boss, a retired CEO, the media… We’ve had it all. Past Found Conference speaker “titles” include:

  • Founder
  • Director of marketing
  • VP of SEO
  • Student
  • CEO
  • Intern
  • Email marketing guru
  • Retired executive  
  • Managing director of agency
  • Head of paid media

What topics will be covered?

This year we’ll be covering five topics, which are:

  1. Content creation – Kicking crappy content to the curb
  2. Paid search – Making a buck work best for your organization
  3. SEO Basics and building a foundation of findability
  4. Analytics and measurement – Reporting woes and telling a story with our data
  5. Technical SEO tactics for everyone – getting your content to the top

We’re offering the conference this year for free and we ask that, if you have the means, please take the registration cost, or some portion of it,  and donate to a charity of your choice. Registration is typically $99-$150 for attendees but even $5 helps these days. We are including a donation button on the site and we will be compiling a list of favorite charities from our speakers and donations will be split across those. 

We look forward to seeing you all and will continue to update and our channels on the latest. If you’d like to register, you can do that here. If you’re interested in speaking, submit here.