The Intersection of Search and Content Marketing

The Intersection of Search and Content Marketing

Recently, I was invited to join The Friday Hangout to discuss the intersection of search and content marketing. I had a great time and got to discuss some hot topics with industry leaders – what a great way to spend a Friday!

What’s The Friday Hangout?

The Friday Hangout is a weekly show dedicated to talking about news as it happens with a small group of knowledgable people. The relaxed format leads to a lot of banter and back-and-forth on the days most pressing issues. Hosts include Tatu Digital Media’s, Janet Fouts; Secret Sushi’s, Adam Helweh; and Jolt Digital Marketing’s, Steve Farnsworth.
The conversation came about as a rise in content marketing and community management concentrations within organizations, and recent changes to search engine algorithms. With 86% of B2C marketers and 92% of B2B marketers using content marketing, and brands grappling with user generated content entering the conversation daily, the topic is growing in relevance.

So, what search and content marketing topics did we discuss?

During the broadcast, a range of topics around content findability were discussed, including:

  • What impact does creating unique content have on your findability?
  • How is sharing on Google+ helping search rankings in comparison to Twitter and Facebook?
  • What is the changing role of “traditional SEO” in marketing?
  • Are teams and companies evolving to ensure findability using content strategy?
  • Who owns search and content marketing in companies and is that changing now?

Take a look at the live recording and join The Friday Hangout or one of GinzaMetrics weekly chat sessions to be a part of the conversation around search, content marketing, findability and digital marketing.