Data-Driven SEO

SERP Intelligence powers SERP Analytics at Scale

SERP Analysis is changing the entire field of SEO and Content Marketing, but it is not an easy task. SERP Intelligence is a turnkey data warehouse that is obsessively reviewed for quality and accuracy, in real time.

Discover keywords by domain searches

SERP Intelligence enables the creation of richer data sets than you ever thought possible

Spot ad trends and advertising merchants across hundreds of thousands of keywords

There are things you simply cannot do without SERP Intelligence. Querying for any element across thousands of searches with sub-second result speeds is one of them.

Create precise content strategies

SERP Intelligence enables you filter on any element, any dimension, for any keyword, for any domain, for any SERP Feature…you get the picture? This is the power tool for advanced SEOs, developers, and Data Teams.

Every single element on the SERP is Indexed

That’s right. Every single element. Stop wasting time trying to make a bunch of filters or dashboards work when you can just query it, get results back immediately, and build to your heart’s content.

Real-time, automated and curated Quality Assurance

One of the under-appreciated facets of deep SERP analysis is how much QA and data pipelining is involved. 

It is a whole operation and that is where our years of experience comes into play. 

We have a whole host of backend automated and human-curated QA processes and tools in order to ensure that you get the most up to date SERP visibility and quality control.

Data Warehousing Enabled

You want all of your SERP data automatically synced with the data warehouse of your choice? 

Consider it done. 

SERP Intelligence integrates natively with Big Query but it can easily be synced with a different platform, if that is your choice. Our team will work with you on an implementation project and our system architects are there to make sure the project goes smoothly. 

Get SERP Intelligence via API

In addition to syncing with data warehouses, you can also get the data in JSON format via our API. Developers and data analysts can work in the format that makes the most sense for them.

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