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Ranking Alerts

Ranking alerts make your team faster. Get notified when rankings change for your site or competitors. Track individual keywords or entire groups at a time.

What is a ranking alert?

A ranking alert can help website owners and SEOs stay on top of changes without having to look at a dashboard every day. This will display the rank changes of the keyword and domain combination on any tracked search engine and will notify users via email other channels when changes occur. For users managing a large number of keywords or groups of keywords, this is a great way to stay focused on what matters. Think of it as similar to Google Alerts but for your ranking updates instead of topics in Google’s search engine index.

Benefits of ranking alerts

For any website with more than a few dozen pages, staying on top of position updates for important search terms can be a real challenge. Sure, our dashboards and reports make it easy to track things but you also want a notification when the rankings change for important keywords. The good news is, with our platform, you have many customization options and can even track alerts for your competitor’s rankings!

Since Google, in particular, tests its ranking systems daily, it is very important to set a wide variety of alerts so that you can predict the types of changes that these updates might reveal. With the most recent round of Google Algorithm updates focusing on Helpful Content, we’re seeing large fluctuations occur daily.

Create a rank change alert

DemandSphere makes these easy to set up:

  • Choose the name
  • Choose the site / domain (your site or a competitor)
  • Choose any or all search engines
  • Select the keywords to monitor
    • The keywords can be individual keyword(s)
    • You can also choose group(s) of keywords
  • You can also add custom searches to match a range of keywords

Type of alerts

We support positive alerts and negative alerts. A positive alert is designed to track increases in ranking position and a negative alert tracks declines. Additionally, the following settings are available:

  • Number of position changes
  • Percentage of position changes
  • Above rank
  • Below rank

All of these options help you get an update as soon as they occur, not days or even weeks later, when you happen to notice it in the dashboard.

Visualize forecast range

One of the nice features in our ranking alerts is a dynamic forecast range for the affected ranks as you change the conditions of your alerts. After you’ve chosen the type of alert you want to set, you can play with the conditions and the rank ranges will update in the chart to the right in real-time.

This will mirror the larger picture you see in our ranking distribution and other visualizations.

Rank change email alerts

You can set notifications to send updates to your own email address or any email address that you choose. Simply add the user’s email into our system and it will be available. Once you set this up, you’ll receive a real-time notification for any of your affected keywords. You’ll also have the option to receive a daily summary email when there are no changes to ranking positions.

Google Search Console integration advantages

One of the best things about our Google Search Console (GSC) integration is that we mine ALL of your keywords available and import them directly into our platform. This aids in the keyword discovery and research process because, in our experience, most websites are missing out on huge, low-hanging fruit opportunities, simply as a result of not integrating all of the data.

Go directly from the GSC screen in our app to create new ranking updates and notifications on hundreds of keywords at once.

Keyword rank change alerts via Slack (and others)

If your team uses Slack or other messaging / workflow platforms, we can help you set up an integration (e.g., an app) to accept incoming notifications of alerts.

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