SEO Site Design & Template Creation

The best time to implement the most robust SEO program is at the start – during your site design and template creation process.

If you’ve already got a site designed and templates created, a thorough review of their SEO health saves your team hours of work reactively fixing issues that occur after content deployment.

How optimized page templates improve content rank

Our search specialists work with your team to determine a strategy for fully optimized templates from day one. The initial crawl by search engines is important to your rank and findability. Make your new content count by being proactive with optimized templates instead of reactively fixing pages once they’re in market.

When you’ve got templates created for various sections of your site, such as features, products, blog posts, and more – you’ve got an opportunity to ensure each template adheres to SEO best practices. Too often these pages are created with a design-first or design-only strategy, and search efforts are an afterthought.

This is a huge opportunity for most brands to sprint past competitors – with pages that are well designed AND extremely findable.

We want to not only help your content rank well from its initial publishing, but also save your team time with reactive “SEO fixes” for avoidable issues. Chat with our team to share your goals and learn more about how we can help.

Technical SEO Reviews

Many fundamental SEO ranking factors, such as site and URL structures, speed and load time elements, code load, and CMS platform selection / implementation are most easily optimized during initial design phases. The DemandSphere model ensures our SEO specialists provide your development team with actionable optimizations at the ideal point of the development cycle.

Template Creation and Optimization

One of the most effective and efficient ways to implement site-wide SEO is to optimize page templates using sets of universal optimization rules: title tag and metadata formulas, title tag to H1 mapping rules, image optimization rules, internal crosslinking anchor text formulas, and other “templatable” ranking factors. Our team works hand-in-hand with your developers to deliver consistent template optimizations at the ideal time for ease of implementation, whether your team is internal or an outside creative agency / partner.

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The needs surrounding SEO for any business depend on a wide range of factors and impact almost every other area of the business if you want to get it right. Let's chat so we can build a customized roadmap to success for your team.