The mantra of different markets behaving differently is just as true for SEO as for any other activity. People in separate locations ask queries in different ways, have different content style or format preferences, and even use entirely different search engines. Likewise, how people search for information about one category varies from how they search in another. Knowing these distinctions, and how they’re changing, gives your brand an edge.

SEO Market Landscapes

Each market has its own exclusive search behaviors and trends, and while there are often many similarities as well, leveraging these differences is where a truly strategic SEO program can shine. If your brand has multiple point of sale sites, operates in more than one market or language, or even if you’ve been focused on a local market and are looking to expand nationally, DemandSphere’s search specialists provide the market-specific insights you need to set you apart from your competitors.

Market Analysis & Category Research

Category Analysis

Our agency services approach to category and vertical evaluation looks at both first and second-tier business and industry groupings, such as luxury fashion and online travel. We provide detailed breakdowns of the top ranking sites (and the SEO strategies and tactics each uses to rank at the top), the keywords and phrases driving the most qualified industry traffic, geographic and demographic search trends, the types and formats of category content users want the most, and a host of other vertical-specific search data points.
What’s more, our search and content specialists distill these down into clear next steps and action points for you to take.

What can you expect from our market analysis and category research?

Engaging in a market analysis and category research project can be uncertain – what will you get, how will it help? Don’t sign up for something you’re unsure of – let’s discuss it first!

What will you get?

Your deliverables are tailored to your goals and organization. We provide a comprehensive look at your market and opportunities, including variables such as:

  • Current market keyword data
  • Search volume trends by search engine
  • Search trends by search engine and device
  • Country level analysis
  • City specific search opportunities and competitors
  • Competitor content trends
  • Segment Map association

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