Visual Rank Tracking

Search Engine Visibility Tracking for better SEO

Rankings and position tracking are still important, but DemandSphere’s Visual Rank is the new standard. Visual Rank is measured based on the per-device pixel depth of your position, enabling you to quickly understand the true factors driving click-through rates (CTR).

Search Engine Visibility Matters More than Rankings

Rankings are still important for a number of reasons, but your Search Engine Visibility, measured by Visual Rank in our platform, is even more important.

How much insight do you have into the actual CTR of your content and the SERP Features affecting your visibility?

There are lots of research reports out there about average CTRs, especially for top-ranking positions. The numbers range from 25-30% for ranking position #1. Still, based on our internal data and experience in working with hundreds of the largest online retailers, we’ve found that, at the end of the day, this CTR varies wildly based on the market, keywords, SERP Features, and more.

Accurate SEO Forecasting

This is one of the reasons we built our CTR Lab feature so that our customers can build their forecasting models with customized data but do it, more importantly, with their OWN data. This data is available in Google Search Console, and these models can be made as granular as you wish.

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