Limitless Rank Tracking

Large-Scale Rank Tracking

The team behind DemandSphere pioneered large-scale rank tracking in the SEO industry and has been providing enterprise-level SERP intelligence to customers for over 15 years.

DemandSphere provides daily updates for desktop, mobile phones, and tablet SERP rankings for more than 140 countries and 100K+ locations around the world.

Monitoring is critical to the workflows needed to rank well in the competitive SEO landscape. 

The platform and tools we provide make it easy to track rankings, but we go much further than this with our focus on monitoring the whole shape of the SERP.

SEOs are familiar with the impact that the evolution of the SERP, new SERP features, and constant layout changes have on rankings and your company’s actual visibility.

This visibility, which we can accurately measure using our Visual Rank, Pixel monitoring, and Share of Voice metrics, gives SEO and content teams an insight not possible with other tools. These advanced metrics are available for monitoring large portfolios of sites, competitors, and adjacent brands.

Our alerts, dashboards, and APIs enable SEOs, data teams, and growth teams to work together to push their brands into higher growth and market penetration levels.

Global enterprises trust DemandSphere for large-scale rank tracking.

We set out on a mission when we founded DemandSphere: to redefine what it means to provide an enterprise SEO platform. And the core of this offering is genuinely large-scale tracking and monitoring capabilities that combine orders of magnitude larger scale and orders of magnitude lower costs, giving our enterprise customers a solution that cannot be matched elsewhere.

We track all major search engines, including Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, Naver, and we are always adding more. 

Our enterprise customers track millions of keywords daily, for desktop and mobile devices, across 25 global markets, for a holding company of 40+ subsidiary companies.

This includes alerts, dashboards, zip / postal code level rankings, API integrations, data warehouse automation, and unlimited users.

We believe in setting your teams free from arbitrary limitations on usage to protect the bottom lines of vendors that have higher cost structures than we do. 

Accuracy and depth are key to reliable large-scale rank tracking

When you start to track rankings in large volumes, you can’t afford to worry about accuracy at the keyword level. You want to focus on managing your groups and building workflows to improve your rankings for entire segments.

We have built a multi-stage, real-time rankings QA operation to provide the most accurate and up to date ranking data for our customer. 

First, we have automated layout and SERP change detection built into our operations. This looks at the SERP visually, the same way a user does. Our layout change detection algorithms can detect anytime Google or the other search engines make a change to their HTML, so our parsers can adapt. 

Depth is the other component to our SERP monitoring. 

Depending on which of our offerings you choose, you can get everything from quickly daily rankings with all the details about visual ranking, pixel depth, competitors, and more to the most granular and in-depth data on the SERP via our SERP Intelligence offering.

Nobody offers more depth and accuracy than we do. 

Segment your way to actionable insights with our data management tools

Ok, you’ve got data. How do you focus action in order to target the best opportunities? 

If you’re tracking a large volume of keywords, you probably already know that segmentation is the key. 

But segmenting thousands or even millions of keywords is very challenging without smart tools.

Some examples include:

  • keyword groups
  • content groups
  • smart groups for programmatically-created segments 
  • many types of filters

Our tools are designed to help you build the right segment, target specific URLs for specific keywords through our Preferred Landing Page management tools, which enables you to avoid keyword cannibalization and much more.

Customized reporting, dashboards, and alerts turn large data sets into workflow

You’ve got your data, you’ve got your segments. Now turn it into action. 

With unlimited reports and dashboards at your disposal, you can build any view on your ranking data, and combine it easily with sources from Google Analytics, Search Console, and more.
Our alerting tool makes it easy for you to know right away when something needs your attention. Turn alerts into tasks, assign them to the right team member, and start building a feedback cycle of success.

Import your keywords from CSV or other sources

Already have a large keyword set that you want to start tracking? Get set up in minutes by importing CSV files full of keywords and even historical rankings into DemandSphere. 
We have easy to use upload templates that let you assign keyword groups, URLs, and more.

Import your keywords from Google Search Console

Our Real Keywords feature imports all of your historical data from Google Search Console (GSC) automatically, once you connect it.

Once you connect GSC, you can easily choose to import some or all of your keywords for daily tracking.

Upgrade and import your keywords from other tools

You’ve been tracking valuable data, maybe for years, but you want to make the change to DemandSphere?

We can easily import historical data for you from any tool you bring us. We’ve seen it all and our team can get you and running quickly.

Integrate with your other data sources

Integrate easily and on a deeper level with our Google Analytics and Google Search Console connections. Export your data to Google Drive, BigQuery, and more.

See an integration target we don’t yet have? Let us know you need it as a customer and we’ll make it happen.

Google Analytics

Integrating Google Analytics with DemandSphere is the first step toward building a complete picture of the value that SEO traffic brings to your business.

Google Search Console (GSC)

Our GSC integration rounds out the core of your ranking, traffic, and search visibility metrics, providing a full, 360-degree view of not only your rankings but also how searchers are interacting with your content.

Google Sheets

What could be easier than sharing spreadsheets and CSV files? Well, lots of things really. And one of them is Google Sheets. Integrate and share your data via Google Sheets with our connectors.


We went a little crazy with our BigQuery integration, because we built it on top of our SERP Intelligence dataset, the most detailed and accurate database of SERP data on the market. Sync your reports directly into BigQuery and enable your entire BI stack.

Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio)

Once you have your data in BigQuery or in a Google Sheet, you can easily build any dashboard you want in Looker Studio.

We try not to reinvent the wheel on building custom connectors, but instead support our customers with dashboard templates, and even custom development, if needed, on new dashboards.


We have a variety of APIs that cover everything from reporting, to automation, and big data pipelines.  

Still need more data? Check out SERP Intelligence

As we mentioned above, SERP Intelligence is our data product that takes SERP monitoring to entirely new levels.

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