Competitor Monitoring

Competitor Tracking Tools You Need to Win

Competitor tracking is one of the quickest ways to plan your next moves. Spot your competitor’s every move and outpace them with better content for more relevant keywords.

SEO spy games: Get the inside track on the latest competitor content that’s impacting your revenue

Whether you’re trying to figure out who the real competition is, what type of content they’re creating, or how their rank is changing in comparison to yours – we’ve got the competitor analysis tools and insights for you.

The search landscape is changing so regularly, that if you’re tracking rank daily, you’re missing out on the opportunity to get ahead. Audience search behavior, algorithm updates, universal search element changes, and new competitors in market are all giving your organic results a run for their money.

Take a look at a few of the competitor analysis tools for SEO that we offer in the DemandMetrics platform:

Competitor Discovery

Find competitors that are taking traffic from your content. Here are a few great things about our competitor research tool that you should know:

  • Sort competitors by product, feature, solution, location, audience intent, and more
  • Categorize competitors by direct, indirect, online, brick-and-mortar, or any other segment that you like
  • View exact keyword and content pairs that are ranking for your target keywords
  • Sort by search volume, the total number of overlapping content pages, or the total number of shared keywords to prioritize competitors
  • “Blacklist” competitors that you don’t want to show in results anymore
  • Automatically filter out social channel URLs

Competitor rank tracking

See how your competitor’s rank compares to yours with daily keyword monitoring and analysis. We track rank daily as a standard for every plan, and we can also track different languages, locations, search engines, and devices for the most comprehensive competitor analysis.

Content and keywords Catching Fire

Ever wanted to know when your competitor starts taking over first-page rankings for YOUR target keywords? Especially if it’s happening quickly? We call that “Catching Fire” and we’ll show you when it’s happening for your content as well as your competitors

SERP Rewind

Want to see what the SERP looked like before your competitors started winning rank or when the universal search elements looked different? Use our SERP history viewer to see how it’s changed over time and understand how the updates are impacting your traffic and revenue.

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