SERP Monitoring

SERP Feature Tracking

As the SERPs evolve, capturing the maximum amount of real estate on the page is the name of the game. This is particularly true on Mobile devices. One-click reports reveal the performance of your site and your competitors across SERPs with any number of features, including Ads, Images, Knowledge Graphs, Videos, Maps, and more.

Understanding the Impact of SERP Features

SERP Features, by Google and all the major search engines, are results in the SERP that are not considered to be traditional organic search results. Over the last 10 years, Google, in particular, has dramatically increased the number of SERP Feature appearances on their search results pages. 

This has a measurable impact on the ability of a business to predict actual search traffic from organic search because Click Through Rates (CTR) are inevitably pushed lower as a result of many of these SERP Features taking up real estate on the screen and appearing above the fold.

Tracking SERP Features

DemandSphere tracks all of the major SERP Features and is constantly adding more. 

We also have automated, real-time monitors in place to rapidly detect changes in SERP layouts so we can adjust our monitoring capabilities to stay on top of the rapidly changing SERP landscape.

We use this technology to also capture, monitor, and differentiate the various formats of a given SERP Feature category.

SERP Features that we track by default:

Ads on Top

Ads on Bottom

Local Pack

Knowledge Panel

Knowledge Cards



Shopping Ads

Shopping Results


People Also Ask

Google Flights

Home Service Ads

Google For Jobs

Many of our customers in various industries have a need to track additional SERP Features that appear in their markets. We can easily deploy additional feature tracking based on a customer’s needs. 

Our insights can also reveal if any of the above SERP Features are present for your keywords, at a granular level.

Diving deeper into the data with SERP Rewind and SERP Intelligence

A true value of the DemandSphere platform is our ability to show you the exact SERP, compare across date ranges, devices, and more.

For customers who need to dive deeper, our SERP Intelligence product enables you to index and query any aspect of the SERP, no matter how minute, and use this data to gather trends, spy on competitors, and build a powerful content strategy both for organic search marketing and advertising.

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