Keyword, Content, and Smart Groups

Keyword Group management in SEO is the critical piece in segmenting your content and marketing efforts. We make it easy to quickly segment thousands of keywords and go even further with Smart Groups and Content Groups.

Keyword Grouping Made Simple

Unlimited keyword groups

There is no limit to the number of keyword groups you can create. Segment by brands, products, services, solutions, you name it.

No charge for grouping keywords

When we learned that some platforms charge for keyword grouping we were shocked that this was a thing. It shouldn’t be. We don’t charge extra for grouping keywords, obviously.

Group-driven reporting and dashboards

The better your keyword groups, the more efficient and insightful your reporting will be. Drive better forecasting and workflows with groups and get alerts on entire groups at a time.

Top level keywords groups and sub-groups

Most of our customer’s sites are big. We mean BIG. 

You don’t want to be stuck with only one level of groups or tagging. Create groups and sub-groups to accurately reflect the complex nature of your content.

Bulk Keyword Grouping with Uploads

Our tools are great but sometimes you can just work faster in spreadsheets. 

That’s cool. 

Set things up exactly how you want using our templates, upload, and your work is done.

Segment Your Site Architecture in Minutes with Content Groups

You’ve heard of Keyword Groups but have you heard of Content Groups? 

Sure, you have your own subdomains and subfolders but a lot of times you, as an SEO, want to be able to segment your content and URLs in the way that makes sense to you. 

Content Groups make it easy. You can upload URLs if you’re into that sort of thing or you can automatically group with our tools. 

We also support rules-based grouping so you can group entire sections of your site with a few simple rules on the title or URL. 

You can even use regular expressions, both for keyword and automated content grouping.

Smart Groups save you time

Sometimes you just want the machine to do the work for you. 

We get it, so that’s why we invented Smart Groups. 

These are data-driven pipelines that result in automated way to analyze your data on an ongoing basis to suggest and deploy additional groupings, kept separate for convenience, from the rest of your groups so you have a whole different set of filters. 

The best thing is that these pipelines can be customized to your needs.

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