The best daily rank tracking tool for the best SEO

Flexible, scalable, global keyword tracking for your content and competitors.

Rank tracking without limits

If you feel confined by traditional rank tracking tools, meet DemandMetrics. Sure, we’ve got standard pricing options, but we’ve also got a completely custom system that can be configured to anything you need. Just want keyword ranking and nothing else? We can do that. Want a one time check of rank for 100 competitors? We can do that too.

We know you have unique needs for your business and we’re here to help. Read on to learn more about the types of data and options DemandSphere provides.

What’s important in a rank tracking tool?​

Daily Rank Tracking

If you’re still doing weekly tracking, you’re getting four data points when your competitors are getting 30. That makes it harder to spot the impact of new content, algorithm changes, and optimizations you’re making.

Universal Search Insights

Staying on top of the changing layout of the SERP is a full time job – it’s OUR job. Whether it’s the size of People Also Ask, or the latest Shopping Results changes, we integrate that into your daily data. Check out SERP Rewind for example.

Competitor Insights

Sure, you know how your rank is doing, but who is winning, and why? How is your competitor landscape changing for the target keywords you care about? We track their rank daily alongside yours so you’ll be a step ahead.

DemandMetrics Platform Features

An enterprise platform, a flexible format, and an accessible price.

SERP Rewind

Historical SERP layouts for your keywords

Suggested Search Keywords

See what else is recommended to your audience

Competitor Rank Tracking

Daily competitor rank data

Local and Mobile

Any device, country, or city

Any Search Engine

International, Amazon, and Pinterest

Smart Groups

Faster filtering, segments, and reporting

Custom Reports and Dashboards

Views based on roles and goals

Universal Search Elements

Knowledge Panel, People Also Ask, Local Pack, and more

Daily rank checking is the best way to stay in front of your audience and at the top of search engine result pages.

DemandSphere offers a set of SEO tools that can be used individually or combined as a workflow for the ultimate SEO and content marketing platform. Our daily rank checker is made for marketers who need to quickly see the movement of their content in the SERPs and make decisions about content optimization, keyword targeting, and reporting.

If you’re looking for a tool that will highlight not only how your content is performing, but competitors as well, this is the tool for you.

Unlimited scale, flexible monthly plans, any search engine, any location, and any language.

Check out pricing using the button below or contact us for a discovery call.

Be sure to check out SERP Rewind too. It’s your look into how SERPs have changed, and why position 1 just isn’t where it used to be. It helps you understand, and report on, why your traffic is different even if your rank isn’t. It’s also a great tool for prioritizing your next content roadmap!

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