Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis for Content Marketing

Learn from the competition by quickly spotting the hot content they are using to drive more traffic and searches. 

Our Competitor Discovery tool is great for doing a deep dive into where your competitors are performing well. 

But you also want to know what new content is really working for them. 

We automate this analysis for you with Catching Fire.

Algorithmic Content Trend Spotting

The Catching Fire algorithm is simple but effective: discover, in real time, in the SERPs the fastest rising content, based on rapid rank changes for targeted keywords.

This can help you quickly identify SEO opportunities that you are missing but can also help in cross-channel marketing, including in:

  • Email campaign topics
  • Focus ideas for paid advertising
  • Content ideas to generate new outlines and pages for terms that are obviously working for your competitors

Don’t get caught napping. Drive your real-time competitor insights with Catching Fire.

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