Mobile SEO

Dominate the Mobile SERP Rankings

DemandSphere is the only platform that provides complete Desktop and Mobile SERP data daily, including a full, searchable snapshot of the SERP HTML, Competitor Rankings, as well as advanced metrics such as Visual Ranking.

Mobile visibility is mission-critical to your success

Google reported that more than 65% of all searches happen on mobile devices, and that was in 2019. Mobile usage continues to skyrocket around the world, so it is critical that your brand has high visibility on both Mobile and Desktop devices. 

Google and other search engines are prioritizing mobile users with their mobile-first index. DemandSphere makes it easy to stay on top of your performance across devices and screen sizes of any type.

Data is the secret to staying on top of the Mobile SERP Rankings

Visual Rank for Mobile SEO

Visual Rank tracking is available in our platform for all device types, but it is one of the most important metrics for understanding mobile search performance.

Understand the Opportunity in Mobile

Our data-driven forecasting makes it an easy task to not only track how you’re doing today but also prioritize and chart a course for outperforming competitors

Outrank your competitors on Mobile

Our SERP Rewind, Content Gap, and Competitor Discovery tools are renowned for the insights they can deliver about mobile search performance

Get complete visibility AND reporting automation into your mobile SEO efforts today

The only way to take action quickly in fast-changing markets is to have the combination of the best data and the ease of automated reporting at your fingertips.

Leverage our insights faster by sharing customizable dashboards and reports about your performance on mobile search engines in context with the rest of your marketing activities.

Alerts for Mobile SEO

Don’t get caught off-guard by algorithm updates and rank changes, particularly on mobile screens where every pixel counts. Our alerts will give you real-time updates as soon as any fluctuations are detected, customizable by a flexible set of parameters.

SERP Features for Mobile Rankings

Our SERP Feature tracking doesn’t just show you when a feature is present. We also show you the direct impact on your visual ranking and correlated Click Through Rate (CTR) as a result of the ever-growing impact of SERP Features. 

On mobile devices and in a mobile-first world, every pixel counts.

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