Simple but effective site structure visualization

Internal Link Analysis Tools

We all love the simplicity and speed of desktop tools but sometimes you just want it in the cloud so you can easily share insights with your team. You don’t need anything fancy but do want an easy way to catch duplicate titles and meta, and make sure that you’re following basic best practices.

Filter for easy wins

In addition to our URL Explorer, this tool makes it easy to discover a few core issues that can affect your crawl budget and indexability, including:

  • All internal links
  • HTTP Errors
  • Redirects
  • Duplicate Titles

Spot at a glance internal linking issues

You don’t want to waste time, you just want to know a few basic things such as:

  • Unique page titles
  • Are anchor texts targeting desired keywords (don’t overdo it!)
  • Number of internal links to other pages

Need more? Go to URL Explorer

Once you move beyond the need for quick checks, you can dive into URL Explorer for much richer filtering of your content based on our Site Audits.

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