Market Analysis for SEO

Competitor Analysis with Discovery

Competitor Analysis can be easy, or hard, depending on the quality of your data. What if you had a tool that showed you your entire market landscape at a glance and revealed what you needed to perform better?

You need to know who you’re competing against in order to win

How often have you really done a deep dive on your competitor’s content strategy for your most valuable keywords? 

Not as often as you’d like? 

Well, it used to be hard. Our Competitor Discovery tool makes it easy. 

There are some great “quick research” tools on the market for getting a feel for who the major competitors are and what they are doing but these all have one flaw that can decrease the relevancy of their results for you: they are based on their market-wide databases. 

This means they don’t take into account the keywords you are actively monitoring. 

We do. 

Get competitive insights for your keywords

With DemandSphere, you get not only daily ranking and SERP insights, but also a deeper analysis of all of the domains active in your market landscape. 

Easily query which domains are performing the best and all of the other keywords for which they perform well.

Spot new keyword and content opportunities

A lot of times, you don’t know what you got until it’s gone. 

Competitor Discovery helps to remedy this by surfacing keywords that you are technically tracking but may not be focused on because you’re not ranking well for them. 

But somebody is and if it’s a valuable keyword, there is a good chance your competitor has it figured out. 

And these can often be surprisingly easy keywords to rank for. 

Don’t waste any opportunity to dominate your competitors in your space.

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