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Accelerate your growth potential with optimized, targeted content

An SEO roadmap built for success

If you’ve asked yourself how you’ll get a prioritized list of content optimizations that are immediately actionable, this is the SEO tool for you. As part of the DemandSphere suite of SEO tools and total content workflow, the optimization insights are perfect for marketers.

We hear the same challenges from marketers all the time:
“I have too much content and I don’t know where to start.”

“I don’t know what happens after I make changes – how do I show progress and impact?”

“How do I pair keywords and content?”

Those questions can be answered in the DemandMetrics platform, and you can get started today.

SEO issues we can spot

Here are a few things we spot that are impacting your findability.

  • Title issues (missing, duplicate, not unique)
  • H-tag problems (missing, duplicate, not unique)
  • Meta description errors (missing, duplicate, not unique)
  • Canonical errors
  • 3xx, 4xx, and 5xx status codes
  • Robots.txt, no follow, and ‘noindex’
  • Target keyword usage
  • CSS and style element problems

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What’s important in an SEO tool?​

Daily Rank Tracking

Daily monitoring all of your target keywords

Impact Monitoring

See how your optimizations improve your rank

Integrated reporting

Easily report on and manage SEO

Create a winning SEO and keyword strategy

The most important aspect of any SEO strategy is using it – and this is the SEO tool to get it done

Daily Rank Tracking

Keyword monitoring and analytics

Competitor Insights

Don’t be caught off guard by the competition

SERP Rewind

Compare historical SERPs

Target Keywords

Set keyword and content pairs

Link Data

Backlinks, internal links, anchor text

Smart Groups

Automate your groups for keywords and content

Keyword Planning and Content Research is part of the DemandSphere Workflow

If you’re looking for a single SEO tool or a full scale workflow for your content marketing team, you’ve got the DemandMetrics platform behind you. You can build workflows for each goal, campaign, team, or project – all with individual modules dedicated to your success.

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The needs surrounding SEO for any business depend on a wide range of factors and impact almost every other area of the business if you want to get it right. Let's chat so we can build a customized roadmap to success for your team.