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Content Marketing Analytics are so central to winning both in SEO and Content Marketing, and yet the majority of companies don’t do it well. DemandSphere provides an out-of-the-box data warehouse that aggregates all of your critical content marketing insights

Need to nail down your keyword planning and content strategy to increase traffic?

There’s a process to getting the best organic and content results, and it starts with the right tools and resources. Those tools may be different depending on your business, team size, or goals. At DemandSphere, we created a suite of tools and an agency solutions team to meet our clients needs across the marketing ecosystem.

DemandMetrics content marketing workflow and tools achieve the key steps in keyword planning and content marketing strategy:

Keyword planning and research

This includes market insights, competitor analysis, and a look at how your audience describes the problems that your products and services solve. Keyword planning is a big task and boosts the entire marketing ecosystem, including paid and advertising, when done correctly. The Keyword Planning and Discovery tools make it easier to figure out what to target and tying it to your content.

Current content analysis

How well does your existing content perform and is your offsite content driving traffic to conversions? Where do you have opportunities for optimization and gaps to fill? Our Content Analysis tool has a preferred landing page and target keyword mapping system so you can put that research into action.

Optimization and implementation

Let’s get those target keywords matched to preferred landing pages and each page optimized. Improve rank, increase traffic, and get more conversions with better content. The DemandMetrics Site Health and DemandCrawl tools give you the optimization to-do list you need. Integrated with our workflow projects and task manager, it’s easy to assign and track your tasks.

Monitoring improvements and reporting

Track the impact of the changes you’ve made and report on your SEO and content marketing strategy progress with our custom dashboards and reporting center. Reports can be tailored to different sites, products, features, locations, audiences, teams, roles, and more depending on your goals.

Content strategy and SEO success go hand-in-hand

There’s no great content without a grasp on what the target audience is looking for – and that’s SEO’s biggest purpose. There’s no great SEO without content that speaks to the audience and meets their evolving needs.

If you know your audience needs will change, then you know your site content, social media, advertising, and email marketing will too. You’ll need to keep up with the latest search engine result pages, your competitors, and messaging strategies – and that requires a tool that keep tabs on it!

DemandSphere integrates all of those tools but allows you to pick and choose which tools and how much of them you want to use to meet your goals and budget.

If you’ve got more strategy than staff, let our Solutions Team get your plan into action.

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