Today, we’re releasing a new feature enabling GinzaMetrics users to gain more insight into their daily keyword rankings. Users can now drill down into charts to see a list of keywords based on ranking position, providing another layer of data that can be used to improve the findability of their website.
There are multiple ways to access the new feature in the platform. From the dashboard, users can select Tracked Organic Visits or Top 3 Keywords for chart drill downs. Simply choose a specific day and select a number featured on the line column charts to access a new window. All of the keywords in that bucket are display along with the URL and related data. The information can be exported as well.Rankings Distributions
Chart Drill Down
Navigating into Insights’ Keyword area of the platform, you can drill down into charts featured in the Groups tab.
Group Rankings
Chart Drill Down in Insights
Check out the video CEO Ray Grieselhuber recorded to see the new feature in action.