GinzaMetrics Releases Ranking Trends and Findability Scores for Competitor Monitoring

GinzaMetrics Releases Ranking Trends and Findability Scores for Competitor Monitoring

The GinzaMetrics team is excited to deliver additional advances in our users SEO dashboards this week. You can now go beyond your own site and start setting industry benchmarks against your competitors with easy to view charts. Including this type of tracking as part of your regular SEO efforts can help your organization create better content and stay on top of trends.
Whether you’re an agency responsible for clients SEO reporting or working at a corporation with a large amount of content generated across various business units, we have two new charts you should be looking at to take full advantage of competitive SEO opportunities: Ranking Trend and Findability Score.
So, what exactly cand Ranking Trend and Findability Score charts do for you?

Google + SERP Experiments = Algorithm Updates

Google is running SERP experiments daily, meaning algorithm changes are frequent. Combining daily tracking with competitive monitoring means you can immediately see the impact of any SERP or algorithm change across not only your site, but your competitors as well. Quickly pinpointing the reason for a new ranking or findability score for your content or your competitors can give you the head start in updating or generating new content to attract your audience. Your new GinzaMetrics graphs will help you do this with ease.

Visual Data Makes Historical Views More Awesome

A historical view of your data versus your competitors makes understanding moments in time more meaningful and simplified. Plotting when certain events such as new landing pages, site redesigns, or product launches alongside competitors rank and findability scores can deliver insights that were previously difficult to extract.

Reporting Revamp

Looking for a reportable KPI that isn’t diluted by the tons of keywords you’re tracking? Thought so. Traditional rank trending visualizations that include a large number of keywords typically lose context. Using the GinzaMetrics Findability Score as a benchmark helps you maintain context while also allowing you to take direct action on your company’s highest priority keywords.

Findability Trend Chart

Stacked Rankings Chart

These types of charts are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to where SEO and competitive monitoring are headed, and we’re always looking for ways to innovate for our users. Be sure to login and check out your new charts today!