This week our friends at Delegator, a data-driven interactive agency and customer of ours, released a valuable new tool called AlgoSleuth. They have kindly made it available at no charge and it integrates directly into Google Analytics and Google Docs.
They have added in all of Google’s algorithm updates over the last two years and can show you every step along the way that these algorithm updates have had an effect on your traffic.

As a platform business, we’re always looking around at the various offerings on the market. One of the gaps I’ve noticed has been an easy way for users to understand exactly what the risks and effects that these sorts of algorithm changes were having. For sites with a ton of trafic, even relatively small effects percentage-wise can have a big impact on revenue.
Interestingly, a parallel technology trend to our own industry has been the rich set of tools and analytics that SEO agencies are able to build using the Google Docs and Google Analytics platforms. Distilled has been another leader in this area with their guides on building SEO tools with Google Docs. I’m grateful to Delegator for contributing to this growing set of tools available to online marketers and look forward to more.