The Team at GinzaMetrics is excited to announce that we have added Automated Keyword Management, in addition to rolling out Landing Page Management, to our SEO and Content Management Platform.  If you have large amounts of organic search traffic, then Automated Keyword Management was built for you. Our new and unique keyword discovery tool builds upon our already rich Keyword Discovery Platform which pulls from multiple sources including you web analytics data.
One of the strengths of GinzaMetrics is how quickly the platform can deliver actionable insights based on minimal user inputs.  In most cases, all you need to supply is your traffic data, from a source such as Google Analytics or Omniture, and our platform will use that to build your entire model of search engine performance. This model will include data such as market sizing, daily rank monitoring, traffic analytics, content optimization recommendations, social signals insights and more.
The automated keyword management feature is specifically useful for publishers, agencies and e-commerce sites.
Publishers aren’t always able to predict ideal keyword targets until content is live. The new automated keyword management feature addresses this by allowing publishers to launch new content and then, based on search traffic to the site, discover and track the most valuable keywords automatically, optimizing as they go.
Agencies are tasked with managing multiple client websites, making keyword prioritization on a large scale difficult. The Automated Keyword Management platform allows agencies to find the right balance of keyword management for high priority keywords, putting the rest on auto-pilot as they grow their client’s traffic.
E-commerce companies must manage large numbers of keywords while ensuring they are not wasting valuable allocations in their SEO technology. GinzaMetrics now gives e-commerce firms the ability to automate their keyword management, ensuring that only the keywords contributing to their bottom line are being discovered and managed.

Automated Keyword Management allows you to specify rules that GinzaMetrics can use when discovering new keywords, including:

  • Total number of keywords to manage
  • Branded keyword filtering
  • Automatic grouping based business rules
  • Keyword deletion rules
  • Total number of keywords a site should have

This new feature also allows you to more intelligently manage the keywords that are tracked in the dashboard and not waste keyword allocations on keywords that are not relevant to your business. Agencies can use this feature to manage the right allocation of keywords across all client sites managed in the GinzaMetrics platform.
If you have any questions about Automated Keyword Management or your GinzaMetrics dashboard, feel free to contact us at