FOUND Friday PR and Marketing Owners of Content, Awareness, and Filling the Funnel

FOUND Friday PR and Marketing Owners of Content, Awareness, and Filling the Funnel

This week we’re excited to have a conversation that continues to come up over customer meetings, at events, and on blog posts around the internet.

What is the relationship between marketing, public relations, sales, and brand when it comes to content, awareness, and making sure the funnel stays full?

To make sure we get a well rounded debate going, we’ve got Leslie Campisi, Managing Director at Hotwire PR joining our regular duo: SEO expert Ray Grieselhuber and Marketing Strategist Erin O’Brien.
We plan on covering the following topics during this week’s show:

  • The evolving role of communications and public relations in how brands are found by target audiences
  • How marketing and PR can better interact to make sure brand awareness and lead generation are meeting goals
  • How to manage content creation and distribution across multiple teams within an organization

It’s a great time to have this conversation, as paid and organic search can benefit from each other’s learnings – so can all areas of marketing and communications. But what happens when no one is talking to each other? And how do we all contribute to the end goals of our organizations? We’ll start sorting it out on this week’s episode.
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