On August 16, we hosted our first FOUND Friday hangout. GinzaMetrics’ Erin Robbins O’Brien and Ray Grieselhuber chatted with Virante’s SEO Director Phil Buckley about where SEO fits into organizations. They also addressed content marketing, challenges for SEO managers and hot topics.

“It’s really an umbrella position at most places,” Buckley shared. He was most concerned about those responsible for SEO being isolated from their organizations due to the fact that many still do not understand what is involved in SEO.
Grieselhuber echoed similar concerns about the misunderstandings around SEO adding, “…a lot of times it’s perceived as this kind of weird thing that’s on the fringes that it’s free traffic if you can get it or if Google likes you. It all seems very mystical to a lot of people.”
To combat the lack of SEO knowledge in organizations, he emphasized the importance of explaining SEO as a centralized hub for marketing strategies. “…but that’s something that takes a long time, and you have to be quite convincing when you do that,” Grieselhuber advised. “You’ve got to do that all the way up the food chain.”
Addressing the challenges those responsible for SEO face, Buckley stressed the need to “storify” search for C-level executives and put it into the context of how its impacting the bottom line.
Later in the hangout, Buckley brought up a blog post, “Event Tracking in Google Analytics Explained for Non-Coders,” by Seer Interactive. The post includes some helpful insights for marketers looking to optimize website conversions.
O’Brien additionally shared her concern for PR professionals not following changes in search. She shared the ZDNet article “Did Google just kill PR agencies?” The article addresses how recent changes by Google might affect PR agencies.
To get more details on the FOUND Friday hangout, watch below.

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Mark your calendar now for our August 23 FOUND Friday. Our hangout will address how to reach search and content marketing goals for 2013, and our special guest is Marcia Kadanoff, Bislr CMO. Tweet questions using the hashtag #FOUNDFriday.