New Local Search and Deeper Crawl Features Give Marketers and SEOs Better Data

New Local Search and Deeper Crawl Features Give Marketers and SEOs Better Data

Up until now, local search ranking data has only been available as a stand-alone tool, or as an expensive upgrade to an existing analytics platform. Today, GinzaMetrics has announced the availability of Local Search as part of our existing marketing intelligence platform available on any size plan. In addition, to answer the need for more granular data and the ability to track the findability of content not included in specified keywords, GinzaMetrics has released our proprietary feature, Deeper Crawl.

Unique Analytics Solution

Unlike other solutions currently on the market, GinzaMetrics is offering local ranking results as an integrated part of the marketing intelligence you can get on any size plan. Marketers and SEOs also now have the option of using Deeper Crawl, a feature that provides ranking results for all website content regardless of its ranking on search engines or for targeted keywords.
Local Search and proprietary Deeper Crawl features provide a unique all-in-one solution for users needing more granular, location specific data. Using these two features, Local Search and Deeper Crawl, marketers and SEOs get a more well-rounded view of their search performance. GinzaMetrics is the first platform provider to offer local search ranking as part of existing plans and not as an add-on or separately paid feature.

Local Search

With GinzaMetrics’ Local Search feature, you can view local search performance across unlimited keywords and locations without the data volume restrictions of other solutions. Simply specify multiple instances of a keyword per location using the same root keyword and a list of set locations directly within the GinzaMetrics dashboard.
The Local Search feature is the first in a suite of local tools planned for roll out by GinzaMetrics over the next several months. Coupled with additional upcoming releases, GinzaMetrics will deliver a comprehensive search and content intelligence dashboard that will increase the findability of brands and sites globally.
GinzaMetrics’ Local Search feature allows Marketers and SEOs to track their own content and competitor content grouped by location or by competitor. Local Search is now part of GinzaMetrics’ comprehensive suite of competitor analysis tools which include Competitor Discovery, Audience Insights, Competitor Ranking, and Competitor Insights. You can now compare local results versus their competitors.
“We chose to develop the Local Search feature as an integrated part of our existing platform because we feel it’s important to get local search ranking data as part of the overall marketing intelligence picture that includes competitor insights, keyword data, and content recommendations and not as another standalone tool,” states Ray Grieselhuber, Founder & CEO GinzaMetrics.

Deeper Crawl

Deeper Crawl allows brands to see ranking results for all site content, whether or not it’s currently ranking on search engines or for targeted keywords. GinzaMetrics users will gain deep insights into on-site and page optimization factors. This is especially important for ecommerce and large sites with hundreds of thousands or millions of pages – as non-ranking pages are often missed by analytics tools and optimization recommendations are not delivered to the teams responsible for increasing traffic for this content.
Deeper Crawl features granular recommendations for those who want complex indexing for large page volumes and need to filter through data quickly. The feature is scalable and customizable based on your current plan, needs, and individual budget.
Utilizing GinzaMetrics Local and Deeper Crawl features within their dashboards, Marketers and SEOs can see recommendations for improved performance for all content and locations.
“Using both Local Search and Deeper Crawl, marketers and SEOs can get the granular data they need to make decisions about what content is working, where it’s working, and how audiences are finding it online,” notes Erin Robbins O’Brien, COO GinzaMetrics.