As part of a new series of lists of recommended people, places, websites and resources – I figured I would kick it off with some of the places I look for inspiration when I need to create content.
Creating content is one of the most evergreen marketing tactics available, but the trouble is generating unique, desirable content regularly. The deeper the content is able to go, the better, so an idea you’re passionate about is most likely the easiest to research and write. Search engines continue to reward sites that generate consistently trafficked content, that also has social traction, with better rankings. So here’s hoping that some fresh places to get ideas or recharge your brain will also increase some SEO and content marketing results as well!

  1. Stumbleupon. I know it might sound a bit old school, but I turn here when I need to flip through some quasi-relevant pages from around the web. I’ve managed to stumble onto everything from Greek mythological names, pictures of dogs, and strategic marketing advice.
  2. TinyMixtapes. While not a site that you’d traditionally read, the vast array of user-suggested (and requested) mix tapes alone is enough to stir some thoughts – take it a step further and listen to a few and see where it leads.
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  3. Create a Twitter list of people that say interesting things. No more than 10 people, in a list you don’t look at all the time, this list is a place to turn when you need to quickly scroll through some randomized content to get your brain going.
  4. MentalFloss. Everything from strange facts, brain teasers, and life hacks is running amok on this site.
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  5. Do an Alltop search. This works out really well for when you need more input on a current idea. Use Alltop to find interesting articles, viewpoints and opinions on some content that needs some more meat on its bones.

While this list is in no way comprehensive or “one size fits all,” it is meant to be a starting point for when you’re staring down a blank screen or page. Feel free to contribute your ideas to the comments section, I’d love to give them a try.