SEO Agency Reporting

Working in the world of agency side reporting means always keeping in touch with your clients. You hope every report has a trend line that goes up and to the right, but every client contact is an opportunity to teach and build a stronger relationship.

Good Looking

There are two distinct advantages to using GinzaMetrics to help you build client reports. First is that they are pretty. That may sound silly at first, but being able to show complicated data in a simple and attractive way is crucial.

The truth is, very often agency reports of any kind are delivered and only the images are scanned before it gets filed away or passed on. Having a beautiful graph increases the odds that a client will stop and spend a few minutes looking at what took us hours to prepare.

To-Do Lists

The second feature that I love is that I never have to struggle to find something to talk about with a client. Being able to talk about revenue that was generated by organic search traffic is always a great subject. Then being able to pull in specific recommendations means I always can hand over a to-do list.

Every client I’ve ever worked with eventually says, “I need you to be more proactive.” It doesn’t matter if you’re being as proactive as you can, they always would like a little bit more for their money. Having the ability to keep a running list of what is still on the to-do list can make the whole “more proactive” discussion turn into you asking them why they’re not chipping away at previous recommendations.


For me, the GinzaMetrics’ Insights section is where I get to look like a genius.

GinzaMetrics allows me to move past an outdated ranking report. Ranking will forever be part of SEO reporting, but pointing at actual metrics that matter to the site like visits, conversions and revenue allow me to advocate for more budget for my efforts with hard data to back it up.

For the client in the screenshot above Google dominates (as expected), but it’s also interesting to see Bing pop up on a few days and make an impact in the conversion numbers.

Data Data Data

I use a lot of tools everyday to try to service my clients in the best possible way. GinzaMetrics is one that I find myself going to the most often when I have to communicate with a client directly. There are other sources that I use for data that is more technical or specific to the work for that specific client that helps me understand larger industry trends, but we’ve had to create most of those in-house.
The team at GinzaMetrics held my hand as I got started with their toolset and have checked in along the way to make sure I didn’t have any questions, for me, that says a lot about their commitment to their customers.

About the author
Phil Buckley is the Director of SEO at Virante in the Research Triangle Park in Morrisville, NC. He organizes the most successful SEO Meetup in the United States where he encourages people to be better, care more and ratchet up their personal awesome bar. His blogging insights on how to save the newspaper industry were used by the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard University but never by the newspaper company he was working at. A long history in web development, UX, social media, e-commerce and SEO has allowed him to work with companies like McClatchy newspapers, Adam & Eve, Entertainment Book,, Blue Cross & Blue Shield of NC, Lenovo and the Kauffman Foundation.