Today, we’re releasing a new feature that has been requested by our agency customers as well as customers who manage very large site portfolios. It is a reporting feature that allows you to download tons of data about each of your sites, landing pages, visits, conversions, ecommerce revenue and keyword groups.
The main reason this report is useful is it lets you quickly identify the top ranking URL for every keyword in your account. We purposely didn’t build a user interface for this report because it is exactly the type of data you’d want to pull into Excel and further segment, build pivot tables and more.
The report can be found in the Account Dashboard. Click on Export and you’ll get a popup showing you the export options.
The new export is on the right side and is called Account Keywords:
Account Keyword Export
If it’s a large account, the export could take a few minutes to download. Once you finish, you’ll have a lot of interesting data to work with!