DemandSphere – All-In-One Keyword Tracking, Discovery, and Competitor Tool

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DemandSphere – All-In-One Keyword Tracking, Discovery, and Competitor Tool

As marketers, our number one job is to enable our brand, product, content, etc. to be found by our target audience. Findability is the key to growing our businesses. Guessing which content performs best consumes time and resources and has unpredictable results. At DemandSphere, we recognize that marketing is an ecosystem – which includes elements of content, search, email, social, advertising, direct, and so many more. With this in mind, we have developed a platform that helps you gather the data you need from this ecosystem to provide actionable insights. Let’s take a look at how our tools focus on keyword tracking, keyword discovery, and competitor insights to help you create content that converts.

Keyword Group Comparison Tracking – for Campaigns, Products, Messages, Features, Personas, and more

Segment Mapping is a key component of our data-driven approach to findability. This means we are always helping our users create and utilize segments, or groups, in ways that allow for better analysis and smarter future decisions. Our newest feature – Keyword Group Comparisons – gives you a visual way to see how findability is impacted daily for each of your segments. This means faster marketing decisions to understand which campaigns, products, content types or marketing efforts are working or losing momentum. You can also view segments by individual locations at the city or country level – giving you insight into the different performance of various strategies across all geographies you serve.

Keyword Groups

Segments can represent:

  • Products
  • Features
  • Audiences
  • Personas
  • Locations
  • Campaigns
  • Messages
  • Brands
  • Content type
  • and more

Using our Segment Map approach, marketing efforts take on more meaning because we are able to tell what is specifically working for your target market across all efforts more quickly, and spot trends over time.

Keyword Tracking

Knowing what is already working is exceptionally valuable. Having access to daily keyword tracking allows you to easily spot changes and enables you to take action. Our Top 3 Keyword Ranking tool identifies your most popular keywords and the content associated with them across a variety of channels. Our Top 3 Keyword Ranking chart displays the top 10, top 30, and top 50 keywords as well. We display this information in a stacked bar graph over a user-specified time period. This enables you to easily see changes over time.

Clicking on any of the colors in the bar graph will display additional information. We show you how many keywords are ranking in that particular group, as well as what the actual keywords are. In addition, you can also see what URL is associated with the ranking keyword and the increase or decrease associated with the keyword over time. When you connect your Google Search Analytics and Search Console account you will see even more data. We will display additional information such as searches, visits, conversions, and revenue created.

We also provide you the ability to organize your keywords into groups. You can group keywords by campaigns, type of content, geography, time frames or any other grouping you like. When you group keywords, you are able to gain more focused insight on where those keywords are ranking, search volume, conversions, and revenue.

Screenshot of Keyword Tracking module

Keyword Discovery

Having detailed insight into how your tracked keywords are performing is very valuable. However, what about keywords you aren’t tracking? There may be big opportunities to capitalize on, the trick is discovering them. Simply brainstorming keywords can easily lead to a situation where you’re focusing your efforts on keywords with low search volumes. Ideally, you want to focus on synonyms with much higher search volumes. Our keyword discovery tool enables you to find the keywords your audience is using when they search for you. After discovering the most impactful keywords, you can start tracking them and creating content around them. You can also modify existing content to perform better. Having easy access to this information is very valuable and will help you drive more relevant traffic to your site.

This information can also be very helpful to keep up with emerging opportunities in your industry, or provide additional insight as you expand offerings into new areas of business. Because business is always evolving, it’s likely the list of keywords you are tracking needs to evolve as well. Continuous keyword discovery is essential and having the tools to keep you ahead of the curve is vital. Our keyword discovery tool helps you focus on what your audience actually searches for, and prevents you from having to guess what they might search for. This saves you time and money and enables you to optimize your organic search footprint and maximize the impact of your content.

Competitor Tracking

Competitor Tracking and Discovery

In addition to keyword insight and discovery for your site, we provide powerful tools to show you how you compare to your competitors. We can show you how your competitors are performing for keywords you are currently tracking. You are able to see their change in rank and how that compares with your rankings, daily. The ability monitor your ranking performance alongside your competitors allows you to see how changes, such as search algorithm updates, impact your findability. This level of detail about your site and your competitors is powerful. It enables you to adjust your content strategy to ensure you’re reaching as much of your audience as possible.

New competitors are constantly entering the marketplace and existing customers routinely change content and marketing strategies. You likely know who your direct competitors are. However, there may be sites competing for your audience that you are not aware of. Oftentimes, these are indirect competitors competing for your audience, but not necessarily directly with your product or offering.

Keeping track of who is creating content that is taking audience share of voice can seem like a huge task. With our platform, it doesn’t have to be. We use your targeted keywords and content to discover who else is competing for audience share of voice. Once discovered, we display vital stats on these competitors such as URLs, search volume, average and total CPC, projected monthly traffic, and average rank. We show you the keywords and topics your competitors are utilizing. In addition, we identify specific content your competitors are creating to compete with you for your audience’s attention. If you decide you want to keep tabs on certain competitors after you discover them, you can add them to your tracked competitors list with 1 click.

Competing Site

Time To Get Found

At DemandSphere, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of findability for your brand. We understand the modern digital marketing landscape is an ecosystem, and we’ve created a suite of tools to help you achieve a deeper understanding of it. Our tools focusing on keyword and competitor tracking and discovery provide you with actionable insights that help get you found. Having a clear picture of where you and your competitors stand today helps you develop a strategy to outsmart competitors and reach more of your audience. Having the right toolset saves you time and money in the process.

If you have any questions about our tools for keyword and competitor tracking and discovery, or would like to see a demo of our platform, contact us for more information. Our passion is to help you get found.