Ginzametrics is Hiring Two Engineers

Ginzametrics is Hiring Two Engineers

Ginzamarkets, Inc. produces Ginzametrics, a new kind of marketing platform for advertisers and agencies. I’m focused on SEO at the moment with plans to expand into a $40B+ market. Ginzamarkets has paying customers around the world, is growing at a rate of 50% of new users per month and is profitable, with revenue growing quickly. I’m looking for two web engineers to join me as employees #1 and #2.
As the first two people to join me, you’ll have the opportunity to design and build a platform that solves big problems for almost every company doing serious marketing online. If working with huge amounts of data to produce intelligence and actions in quickly-changing markets interests you, I’d love to talk.

I’m looking for people who:

  • are clever
  • are ambitious
  • are humble
  • are designers at heart (this is not only about UI)
  • can communicate and empathize with many different types of people
  • know how to build quality products on the web
  • can do many different things (not just “a backend developer” or just “a UI developer”)
  • are able to come in as employees #1 and #2 to create a company in its earliest stages, having a huge influence on the direction it takes
  • have experience building large applications with Rails or something similar
  • are good with data & data modeling / understand tradeoffs between relational vs. non-relational databases
  • are good with Linux / servers / cloud platforms
  • live or want to live in Silicon Valley (some relocation assistance provided)

It would be awesome if you also know or could quickly learn:

  • big data tools such as Hadoop / HBase
  • statistics / machine learning
  • good UI design skills and user experience instincts
  • online marketing / user acquisition experience
  • web analytics

About me:

I’m a technical founder and have built both the technology and business. You can read more about me.

Let’s talk:

If this sounds good, email me at with your hn username, linkedin URL, twitter, any blogs, github repos, etc. along with a phone number. Also let me know how your schedule looks in early January so we can set up a time to talk.