Despite the name, it is a little-known fact that Ginzametrics was actually born in Japan. I came up with the name after walking through Ginza, a glitzy shopping district in Tokyo because I thought the idea of many expensive brands competing for customers in a given market was a nice metaphor for online commerce in general. Over the last month, I’ve been joined by two awesome hackers and we’re continuing to hire.
This time, we’re bringing it back to the old neighborhood: Tokyo.
Why Tokyo? Business is brisk at Ginzametrics, but not only in the US. We have customers all over the world and Japan is our second largest market. We have amazing customers there already and plan to serve many more. So, we’re looking for another hacker who can help us build products and support our customers in Japan. This will be primarily a technical job but we’re looking for hackers who can hustle, talk to customers and understand their needs.

Who We Are

Ginzamarkets, Inc. produces Ginzametrics, a new kind of marketing platform for advertisers and agencies. We’re focused on SEO at the moment with plans to expand into a $40B+ market. We support over 20 global markets, are localized to English and Japanese (with more languages coming soon) and have built a platform that is simple, scalable and relevant to our customers all over the world. We’re headquartered in Mountain View and have a presence in New York and Tokyo.
As part of the early team and the person at the Tokyo office, you’ll have the opportunity to design and build a platform that solves big problems for almost every company doing serious marketing online. You’ll also be the first person to join a Y Combinator startup in Japan (as far as we know) and definitely the first in Japan to be funded by both Y Combinator and 500startups, the two seed funds that are changing how Silicon Valley works.

We’re looking for someone who

(We were looking for these qualities last time and they still apply.)

  • is clever
  • is ambitious
  • is humble
  • is a designer at heart (this is not only about UI)
  • can communicate and empathize with many different types of people
  • knows how to build quality products on the web
  • can do many different things (not just “a backend developer” or just “a UI developer”)
  • is able to create a company in its earliest stages, having a huge influence on the direction it takes
  • has experience building large applications with Rails or something similar
  • is good with data & data modeling / understand tradeoffs between relational vs. non-relational databases
  • is good with Linux / servers / cloud platforms

It would be awesome if you also know or could quickly learn:

  • big data tools such as Hadoop / HBase
  • statistics / machine learning
  • good UI design skills and user experience instincts
  • online marketing / user acquisition experience
  • web analytics

Additionally you should

  • able to communicate well in English and Japanese (Japanese is a higher priority)
  • be able to make Japanese customers feel comfortable
  • be able to work independently across multiple timezones

Let’s talk:

If this sounds good, email us at with your hn username, linkedin URL, twitter, any blogs, github repos, etc. along with a phone number.
We’re going to be in Tokyo later this month, so make sure we have a chance to meet you!