I’m happy to say that Ginzametrics is no longer a one-man band. Over the last month, two new hackers have joined me, making us a band of three. I’m going to do longer intros and fill out our bios on the site when I get a chance, but I briefly want to introduce Nick Allen and James Somers.

Nick is a Common Lisp (and now Rails) hacker from Berkeley, with experience at two different startups in the Netherlands, Poland and India. Just prior to Ginzametrics, he was responsible for multi-million dollar projects building mobile networks for the Defense Industry.

James is a Rails hacker from NYC with a voracious appetite for mathematics, philosophy, economics and literature. Previously, he was the CTO at BookTour.com and also writes for The Atlantic.

You’ll start to see Nick and James on this blog regularly and the three of us are already making massive improvements to Ginza. More to come!