Just a few days ago, we released the first version of our SEO API. Today, I’m excited to announce version 1.1 of the API, which includes four new methods that let marketers and agencies with in-house technical resources automate the provisioning and monitoring of their website portfolios.
This significantly reduces the setup and ongoing maintenance costs involved for any company with multiple websites.
Here is an example scenario:
Say you are a mid-sized SEO agency, with anywhere from a few dozen to a couple hundred clients. You are fortunate enough have programmers in-house but those individuals are so valuable that you don’t want them spending all of their time building reporting and monitoring infrastructure for your sites.
With the Ginzametrics API, you can now let us handle the basics and your programmer(s) can spend their time building more strategic tools on top of the platform that we provide. We already have a couple agencies as customers who are exactly in this situation and we think this is a big opportunity to make a lot of people’s lives easier.
More good stuff is on the way!