As the GinzaMetrics Team is getting ready for our FOUND Conference on the Future Of Content Marketing and SEO (>> Get Tickets <<) we came across this excellent Survey on The State of Content Marketing in 2013. The Survey (Conducted by CopyPress) polled 329 Marketing professionals on a range of topics covering budgets, the best content for ROI, and the newest buzzword: Authorship. The full Survey and Interactive White Paper can be downloaded from the CopyPress site.

Marketing Channel Focus

In 2012 Email was King with 25.8% of the survey takers, and Social Media was Queen with 24.3% of the survey takes; with Content Marketing & SEO being 3rd and 4th place respectively. In 2013 what’s the biggest focus of these Marketers? Content Marketing with 34.8%. Interestingly, Email fell to 4th.
Where are Marketers Focusing their Efforts 2012 vs 2013
While the Survey portion of this White Paper is good, the interviews and case studies from the Marketing Professional taking the survey was especially enlightening. Most interesting, is that the majority of those interviewed mentioned SEO though that’s at odds with where respondent said they’d be focusing; with that number decreasing from 18.9% of focus in 2012 to 14.6% of focus in 2013.

Content Marketing ROI

Content determined to generate the best ROI were Featured Articles (62.2%) and Video (51.9%). It’s interesting that Infographics (27.9%) – a medium that was very popular recently – was deemed to be less efficient from an ROI perspective than even the tried-and-true White Paper (45.6%).
Content Marketing ROI
Video content had the second biggest ROI (62.2), yet was the most difficult content to create (49.8%) and the most overpriced content (50.4%), so is Video where the increased Content Marketing budgets are going to be spent?

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