I’m happy to announce our first webinar and we’re putting it on together with one of our favorite partners and earliest customers, Outrider Japan entitled The Definitive Guide to SEO and Inbound Marketing in Japan (register here).
We’re kicking off our webinars this year with a focus on International SEO. 2012 is the year that many of our customers are focusing on taking their brands and ecommerce businesses global. The non-US internet market is growing at an astounding pace and the opportunities for high quality brands with local audiences are enormous. It is difficult, however, to perform well using SEO and inbound marketing internationally without experience and the proper tools. Our first few webinars will feature experts from around the world so we can learn from their experience.
We’re starting with Japan for a few reasons.
First, the market is enormous has a mature enough consumer base that certain products transfer over very well. For many US companies that we follow, Japan is their 2nd largest market and there are still many opportunities for growth. Japanese consumers often look to the US and Europe for new trends and products. We’ll talk about these and many other reasons during the webinar. We’ll also discuss the major differences between the US and Japanese market and how marketers can build a team that succeeds.
This webinar will be packed with valuable case studies, best practices and recommendations for succeeding in Japan, covering everything from content strategy to social media marketing and technical issues such as server management and infrastructure. If your business is expanding in Asia (Japan and elsewhere), you won’t want to miss this.

About Outrider Japan

Outrider is a leading global search marketing agency and is part of GroupM, WPP‘s consolidated media operations supporting digital marketing around the world. Outrider Japan is headquartered in Tokyo and is one of the most experienced and talented agencies representing global companies in Japan and the rest of Asia.