April Japan Trip

April Japan Trip

I’ve just returned home the UK, wrapping up another successful journey to brightonSEO, which will write about in my next post.

April has been a very busy month overall, however, because two weeks before going to England, I was in Japan for my quarterly trip there. We have many great customers and partners in Japan so I make an effort to visit as often as possible.

This trip was particularly busy because I spoke at not one but two events: our own FOUND Tokyo meetup and also at the wonderful Tokyo Digital Marketers meetup.

FOUND Tokyo Meetup

The theme for this month’s FOUND meetup was “Thinking about content.”

We were joined by three special guests:

Sunao Munakata-San, CEO of Innova, the original innovator behind the entire content marketing industry in Japan

Noriaki Ito-San, CEO of JADE, one of the top web consultancies in Japan

Mako Saito-San, of LIG, a leading authority in the content marketing space in Japan

Our three guests joined a panel and covered everything from content strategy to AI and the future of SEO / content marketing in Japan. It was a great panel discussion and they received many questions from the audience.

Takeru and I had a mini-panel at the beginning, where I shared some of the latest updates from the US market, as well as looked at some of the macro trends we are seeing in our industry.

I’ve shared my slides on Speakerdeck, and I’ll provide a bit of an overview here.

First, I wanted to address some of the trends that are converging in our industry.

Again, there is a macro level story that is affecting pretty much everything in the world right, including SEO, search in general, and Google very specifically.

The big story is the global anxiety about liquidity.