DemandSphere February (2023) Updates – new app layout & more!

DemandSphere February (2023) Updates – new app layout & more!

Several motivations were considered in this release.

First, we will be releasing many new features in 2023, and the previous layout made it difficult to find all the features available to our customers. This is because they were buried deep in the side menus.

Second, we’ve released SSO capabilities in our app. This gives our customers better security and more options for integrations with our planned rollout of SSO for all enterprise customers. 

It also allows us to iterate faster by building smaller apps that can be tied to the rest of the platform, further enhancing our ability to customize functionality for our customers. 

New header menus and app sections

Our goal is to let the application breathe a little more and provide quick links to the significant areas of usage, as follows:

  • Launchpad – create and list sites
  • Metrics – the core of the application, where all of the key metrics and data are managed and collected
  • Reporting – our reporting and dashboarding tools
  • Workflow – covering a growing suite of tools enabling users to take action on the insights from Metrics and Reporting, including Alerts, Notes, Tasks, Annotations, and more.

We will create a few additional top-level menu items, covering areas related to Tools (for quick keyword research and more), Developers, and some specialized functionality and customized apps for customers who need extensions.

After talking about our new Authentication system, each of these menus will be explained in more detail below.

Even more updates inside

Our newly updated help center inside the app (login required) documents all of the additional updates, as there is quite a few this time. 

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback!