Core components of the DemandSphere content marketing and SEO platform

Core components of the DemandSphere content marketing and SEO platform

Today, there are three core product components to DemandSphere: DemandMetrics, DemandCrawl, and ContentSphere. There are additional product lines set to launch in the coming months that expand the depth and types of offerings for marketers and SEOs across in-house and agency teams.

Data-driven Marketing and SEO platform for today’s organizations

If you’re used to a search or content analytics platform that sticks to surface level insights, or only handles search metrics – this is something new. The DemandSphere suite of products is built, and is evolving, to deliver a comprehensive understanding of findability for your brand(s) and messaging.

That means a better look at things like offsite content, social impact, and the core of what makes content work for you and for your competition. Our roadmap is a blend of deep data features that allow you to dive into every area of impact for your efforts, as well as insights and action driven tools that fuel collaboration and connectivity across your organization.

We’ll continue to innovate based on what we see and hear from you all in the market, changes to marketing and technology, and our executive team’s blended approach to solutions that combines engineering, behavioral science, analytics, and marketing.

A quick overview of each of our current DemandSphere offerings:


DemandMetrics is our enterprise SEO and content analytics platform. Built for mid-market to enterprise B2B and B2C customers, it easily scales to meet agency, e-commerce, and a variety of other businesses.

DemandMetrics has features that differentiate it from the rest of the enterprise SEO pack, including:

  • Daily Keyword Rank Tracking – Many SEO platform vendors will tell you that it is not necessary to track daily rankings because you don’t take action on a daily basis. This is untrue. Even if you only make changes periodically, it is critical to get ranking data on a daily basis so you can quickly understand what happened in case of ranking changes and algorithm updates.
  • Unlimited users – Share the platform or custom views and segments of data with your team, contractors, agencies, clients, etc. without worrying about running out of seats or paying for additional users.
  • Unlimited custom dashboards – Create custom dashboards that map to your organization’s teams or individual roles and get people the data they need without the clutter. With DemandSphere you can create as many custom dashboards as you’d like, and you can even save them as templates and apply them to multiple sites.
  • Unlimited reports and exports – Take your data with you in a format that works for you. Whether you’re looking for Excel / csv, embedded html, pdf, or Google Drive options – we can work with you.
  • Free white labeling – Want to make DemandMetrics your own? No problem, simply upload your logo(s) and each report or dashboard can look just like you want it to. Looking for more, like custom colors and custom urls? We can do that too – there’s a small one-time setup fee and then it’s yours at no monthly charge.
  • No charge for multiple search engine and device tracking such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Daum, Naver, Baidu, Sogou, Qihoo 360, Yandex, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, etc. We also allow you to track things like Google Australia, iPhone US, and Baidu all at one keyword price – not charging you three keywords like other platforms.
  • Service and support around the world – We’ve got someone here to help in a timezone near you. If you need dedicated account management or technical assistance, we can work on a solution that meets your organization’s needs and the hours that suit you.


DemandCrawl is a large-scale, industrial-strength web crawler that automates deep technical analysis and recommendations for your websites. Built to gather data and crawl millions of pages with ease – DemandCrawl can support the needs of any enterprise or agency business.

The platform was built for performance, so not only is it crawling quickly, it’s integrated to pull in insights across more than 50 data points to get you the deepest crawl of your content available.

Want more from your crawls? Check out our DemandCrawl Comparisons feature, where we will highlight the differences between individual crawls so you’ll instantly see what’s changed and is impacting your traffic.

DemandCrawl is customizable to your crawling needs and can be scheduled to run as frequently as you like. Each crawl is stored for your historical reference and comparisons. We’ll highlight new urls found and lost with each crawl, as well as general health statistics in your dashboard.

You can also use the DemandCrawl tool to create visual and XML sitemaps for your organization. Using our site segmentation features you can also create sitemaps of individual areas of your site or organization.


The ContentSphere is the start of an evolution of new marketing tools designed to help the entire organization better understand and analyze their efforts.

ContentSphere is designed to answer questions at the core of findability. Leveraging DemandCrawl’s technology alongside other proprietary and integrated sources, we are able to deliver actionable data.

Examples of questions ContentSphere can answer for your marketing, product, SEO, and customer teams include:

  • Who are my competitors?
  • What content is being created that is taking attention away from mine?
  • Where are my opportunities for new content?
  • Where are there market opportunities for new products?
  • What type of content and channels are most likely to work for my audience?
  • How does my audience vary across campaigns, messages, products, locations, customer journey stages, and more?
  • What are keyword and topics that I should be creating content around?
  • What is the competition for my target keywords and topics?
  • What type of universal search elements and other noise are impacting my traffic?

Use ContentSphere to develop marketing plans, outsmart competitors, or create more impactful client pitches. We can set up custom reports, dashboards, and notifications that match your goals and deliver next steps and manage workflows integrated with how your organization works.

Want to learn more about DemandSphere? Get in touch with us to set up a discovery call here.