Enterprise Amazon Search Intelligence – Amazon Keyword Tool and Competitor Intelligence

Enterprise Amazon Search Intelligence – Amazon Keyword Tool and Competitor Intelligence

DemandSphere is delivering Amazon Search Intelligence to our users, with the ability to  optimize millions of products and pages. This means better rank in Amazon against competitors, integrated with enterprise marketing and SEO data.

Amazon keyword tools and insights are key to staying on top

Amazon rules purchase intent searching these days. Even more so than Google, Amazon is the place consumers go to research products, read reviews, price shop, and make purchases for everything from dog food to drones.

In 2017, Amazon’s total consolidated net revenue amounted to 177.9 billion U.S. dollars – with no signs of consumers slowing their spending with the ever-growing organization. As they expand into mixed markets such as grocery, it’s no surprise that marketers are clamoring to get their products to the top of the page.

With 97% of clicks made in the first page of results, and 70% of keywords searched on Amazon being the in the long tail – Amazon sellers and marketers have their work cut out for them. Focusing on matching up product pages with the keywords and page elements that get them found, marketers need better Amazon search tools.

Enterprise Amazon Search Intelligence – A solution that delivers for brands and agencies

Enter DemandSphere’s latest offering – Enterprise Amazon Search Intelligence.  This powerful Amazon seller tool offers a way to track the ranking of your product offerings, and those of your competitors. We deliver valuable data on improving rank as well as alerts when changes take place.

Daily Amazon rank tracking

Get daily updates about the rank of your products across millions of keywords and pages for your Amazon store(s). We also track your competitors and highlight changes so you’ll know immediately when you’re losing traffic.

Our daily updates mean you can make content updates to correct issues that are impacting your conversions and revenue as soon as they’re noticed. If you’re too busy to make the changes – let us know, we have a managed services team that can get it done.

Amazon search intelligence tool for enterprise brands and agencies

Amazon rank improvement recommendations

We give you a list of recommendations to improve your rank for each page and target keyword. We create keyword and content groups that highlight where errors happen to get ahead of future issues.

Our recommendations feed into our workflow options, to create task lists, assign items to team members, and track progress.

Segment and group Amazon products by category, feature, audience type, and more for the best content insights

Our unique Segment Maps analyze performance, audience preferences for particular features or messaging, and other elements for every keyword. 

Spot trends and make content and search updates faster than your competitors so you can take the top spot and increase traffic. Segment mapping uses both keywords and content to get the most accurate picture of your Amazon product performance.

Keyword discovery, keyword opportunity score, and competitor discovery tools give you greater Amazon insights

The best way to create targeted content is with keyword research and competitor discovery. We base discovery on a combination of factors including audience needs, search volume, your product focus, and market opportunity. DemandSphere’s keyword tools provide insight and recommendations around each of these, including:

  • Keyword Discovery – The best tool to research and identify additional target keywords for your products so you can create the best possible ranking pages. The discovery tool gives you real time ranking information, suggestions, and search volumes to understand where you should spend time.
  • Keyword Opportunity Score – Prioritize and research the best keywords to target based on difficulty and current ranking products to maximize your resources and get ahead of your competition on Amazon and in other SERPs.
  • Competitor Discovery – Find out who is really taking attention away on Amazon as well as other search engine’s like Google shopping results. You will know what your audience is seeing and choosing when they search for products like yours.
  • Content Catching Fire – See which products are rising fastest on Amazon for you and your competitors to understand where you may be gaining traffic quickly.

amazon keyword discovery tool for content marketing brands and agencies

Enterprise content and SEO platform integration for the complete picture of your product performance

Integrate your Enterprise Amazon Search Intelligence with DemandSphere’s platform including DemandMetrics and DemandCrawl tools. With the combination of Amazon keyword and content intelligence and a full search and content marketing platform, you can compare:

  • Search engines
  • Devices
  • Locations
  • Campaigns
  • Messaging strategies
  • Features
  • And more

DemandCrawl provides the most comprehensive view, more than 50 individual elements analyzed per page. We provide understanding where you have the best opportunities to improve.

Get started with an enterprise Amazon keyword tool and content platform

DemandSphere’s Amazon Enterprise Search Intelligence product is available to anyone with an Amazon store. We specifically work well for those sellers with large page and keyword volumes. Want to learn more? Let’s talk!