Why we’re building DemandSphere, and why we’re doing it now

Why we’re building DemandSphere, and why we’re doing it now

The question of why DemandSphere is because we continue to see a need for an approach that takes the ecosystem into account. That doesn’t mean we’re trying to be a one size fits all marketing platform, far from it. What we are starting with here at DemandSphere is an approach that takes into account the existence and needs of the ecosystem, while still delivering the tools and insights needed by its individual contributors and teams.

We’ve seen the attempts made by many platforms to take an existing product and tack on additional features to serve more needs or to address the changing technological needs of marketers. We even tried a bit of that ourselves.

The problem with that approach is that there is still this problem of looking at the market from the primary viewpoint of one group. This often means that the new markets being served are not given a tool that takes their viewpoint into account, and on the flipside, takes the original target market and muddies their toolset.

What we’re doing differently with the DemandSphere platform

We’ll be tackling the challenges that marketers face from a lot of angles, and our approach is different for many reasons, here are a few of the biggest ones:

A balanced approach to marketing technology

Our executive leadership is balanced across search, content, technical, behavioral, and analytical viewpoints. We’re constantly communicating about what our clients need and where we think the industry should go, each from our respective backgrounds and together as a team. This approach gives us a broad view that we then turn into well-rounded toolsets for users.

Everything we build comes back to “why?”

Every single module in our platform has a “why” behind it – and if it doesn’t, we’re not including it. There’s no room here for data that doesn’t move the needle forward, help answer questions, or deliver an insight that you can use. Think you’ve found a module without a why? Let us know – we love a challenge!

Flexibility means freedom

Flexibility means a few things here at DemandSphere, including:

We live in a module-based UI

That means we can rearrange, change, and modify each individual element within the dashboard quickly and easily – without impacting everyone elses views. It’s a UI built for you.

Workflows tailored to you

Part of the module-based approach is also built on helping you create workflows and answer driven outputs. If you are trying to understand a “why” – we’re here to help you configure a view and the data to do it.

Integrations are our best friend

We haven’t met one we didn’t like yet. We want to include the data you need into a single place – so that may mean building out modules or adding in integrations to our platform or it may mean hooking you up with our API so you can include DemandSphere elsewhere.

Pricing and configurations are customized and fluid here

Okay so before you get too excited, know that we do have contracts and we do have some baseline pricing obviously. But what we don’t have are constraints that say if you want to track 10 domains and 10,000 keywords today and 5 domains and 50,000 keywords tomorrow that you have to sign your life away. Our team is here to work with what you need, when you need it. Without a salesperson knocking at your door – we promise.

Friendly faces (or voices) and honesty in action

We like what we do here. And on most days we even love it. That makes it easier to be friendly to our clients, partners and prospective users. We also don’t employ a team of salespeople here, what we do have is engineers, technical specialists, account managers, and strategists to answer your questions – not sell you more stuff. So if you request a demo of DemandSphere, chances are you’ll talk to someone who actually does content marketing, SEO, has built part of the platform, or is an executive here. All of us take calls because it keeps us in touch with what you want and need to do your job best.

We also won’t tell you that we have a solution for you if we don’t. We’ve been honest with potential users that we didn’t feel were a good fit – we don’t want unhappy customers and we won’t tell you we’re building something that we’re not. No BS from DS.

Playbook built for your team, customized to your content and goals

We start every engagement with a framework for findability success. The strategy is built on our six phases of marketing success that are then combined with your organization and team goals to create a playbook. The playbook also guides our onboarding process into the DemandSphere platform, walking you through in a phased approach how to leverage each element of your dashboards to accomplish goals and track progress.

The playbook is yours to use for repeat success across your team and organization. We can also revisit the playbook with you as goals and needs change.