Found Friday Series Keyword Best Practices for Marketing Strategy

Found Friday Series Keyword Best Practices for Marketing Strategy

Every marketing function requires that marketers and SEO teams accurately use keywords and content to create conversions with their audiences. Highly effective marketing efforts in content, search, social, and paid media rely on keyword insights for your organization and the competition.

Keyword Best Practices for Marketing Strategy

All keyword practices are not created equal and some are more effective and efficient than others. Creating content and keyword groups to manage your data and make meaning of rises and falls in ranking for you and your competitors is one way to improve the quality and usefulness of your keyword metrics.
Assuming that keyword strategies and practices are the same for every marketing channel means using the same keywords and metrics to measure different audiences, types of content, and kinds of queries. Effective marketing practices require different methods for each unique channel.
Beginning July 31 and continuing for three consecutive Fridays, our Found Friday episodes will focus on keyword best practices designed to improve findability for each unique marketing channel.  Join Erin O’Brien and Ray Grieselhuber for a three week series that promises to be lively and informative.
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Found Friday Series – Keyword Best Practices

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In this series, we’ll tackle the nitty gritty of keywords for marketing strategy divided up by marketing channel. Upcoming episodes include:

  • Using Keyword and Topic Data for Better Social Media Strategy
  • Using Search Keyword Data to Create Better Content
  • Keyword Data That Informs Better Paid Media Opportunities

Using Keyword & Topic Data for Better Social Media Strategy

The topics and keywords your target audiences are already using to discuss your industry and products can help you create better social media strategies for your brand. We’ll discuss:

  • What types of information you can gather from search keywords and topics.
  • How to get set up for success.
  • How to use the data to create better posts and engagement.

Find out more about search keywords and social media strategy here.

Using Search Keyword Data to Create Better Content

Figuring out what content to create on a regular basis is difficult enough, but ensuring it’s something your audience actually wants to hear about is an added challenge. We’ll talk about how you can use data from search and organic marketing to discover:

  • What your audience is interested in.
  • How they’re talking about their interests.
  • Where they’re looking for information.
  • How to use keyword and content data to inform content creation.

Find out more about keywords and content here.

Keyword Data That Informs Better Paid Media Opportunities

Paid marketing efforts require careful planning to ensure that budget spent results in conversion and revenue goals met. Whether you’re placing advertorials and sponsored content, bidding on keywords, or using Google Adwords – you need to know what will resonate with your audience and where to make the most of your marketing. Using search data to better understand what topics, keywords, and channels you audience is interested in on their own – you can make strategic choices about what the best content for paid efforts will be.
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