Find the competitors that matter most.

Our competitor discovery feature uncovers the direct and indirect competitors that are taking traffic from your content. You can track them directly within the platform or keep an eye on them in the discovery list.

Competitor Intelligence

Direct and indirect competitor segmentation for the fullest picture of your market.

We track and discover the brands and products that are directly competing with you for dollars, as well as competitors that are taking mindshare. Indirect competitors are important because they are still informing our audience and creating relevant content that we can analyze for better understanding of our market and what resonates.

Competitor Intelligence

Better competitor analysis by segment

Instead of finding hundreds or thousands of competitors across your entire brand, zero in on ones that matter by organization goals or marketing efforts.

Use our Segment Map feature to filter out competitors by things like campaign, message, product, feature, solution, funnel stage, location, and more. Once you filter your competitor list, you are able to see just the keywords and content that are part of that specific group.

For example, we find more than 600 competitors with over 20,000 pages of competing content for Keurig when looking at their site as a whole, but when narrowing in by the “coffee auto-delivery” option we find 23 competitors with only 16 shared keywords and 40 pages of relevant content.

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