Today we are releasing two new languages to our user interface that have been on our roadmap for quite some time: Chinese (Mandarin, Traditional (simplified is coming up next)) and Spanish.

The Spanish translation was kindly provided to us by our friends at Duplika, a web hosting company in Argentina.

All of our translations are considered beta and we’re always interested in your feedback / corrections. (We still have a couple of bugs in the Spanish version, to be fixed later this week.)
Later this month, we are going to more than double our list of supported countries, so stay tuned.
We also released a powerful new data migration feature for our enterprise and agency customers (though it’s available on all of our plans. ) This feature came about after several of our customers wanted to migrate their data from legacy tools (either in-house or off-the-shelf tools) to GinzaMetrics.
One customer in particular, an agency with over 80 enterprise clients, wanted to quickly move all of their keywords (several hundred thousand), groups and landing pages to GinzaMetrics. Our new upload tool functions as a sort of CSV-based API. On each individual row, you can specify if you want to add or delete and pages, keywords and keyword groups.
The upload tool has accompanying documentation on our help site.