Today we’ve added a Traffic Summary Bar to your GinzaMetrics dashboard, providing you with a snapshot of top-level website analytics.  Adding this bar makes it easier to gain insights into website performance at a glance, without needing to log into both your SEO and site analytics dashboards.
For those of you who are long-time GinzaMetrics users, you’ll recognize the view from our original dashboard – an element many found useful and we’re happy to welcome back.
The bar is visible upon logging into the dashboard and shows Visits, Visitors, New Visits, Percentage of New Visitors, Bounces, Bounce Rate Percentage, Pageviews and Pageviews per Visit from the analytics provider associated with each GinzaMetrics account.
Traffic Summary Bar
It is important to note that the data in the Traffic Summary Bar spans the specific date range which can be changed just above the bar.
We hope you find the new view useful for analyzing your latest SEO and content marketing efforts. If you have feedback or ideas, we always love to hear them!
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