Competitor Discovery Tool Added to Marketing Intelligence Platform

Competitor Discovery Tool Added to Marketing Intelligence Platform

You can’t fight what you can’t see and you can’t recapture an audience you didn’t realize you lost. Rapidly growing digital markets are keeping most brands busy looking over their shoulders for new competitors or a change in focus by existing competitors. In an attempt to give marketers a head start on the competition, GinzaMetrics now offers Competitor Discovery as part of their suite of competitor intelligence tools.

Automatically Discover Competitors

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For the first time, marketers can get detailed competitor data and analysis automatically. GinzaMetrics’ Competitors Discovery feature is the first marketing intelligence tools to identify new competitors, their sites, and their content automatically – giving marketers the ability to stay ahead of the competition before they impact audience share and revenue.

The first tool of its kind, Competitor Discovery uses a proprietary algorithm that identifies new competitors based on your brand’s own content, targeted topics, and keywords.  Once a new competitor is identified, this feature provides insight into the content, topics, and keywords that are driving traffic from a user’s site.

The GinzaMetrics platform provides detailed information for both new and existing competitors including CPC, search volume, search ranking status, findability score, and projected traffic data. The Findability Score and Projected Traffic algorithms provide predictive analytics on which to base future marketing, advertising, and content creation decisions.

Predictive Analytics

Screen Shot Competitor Discovery Findability ScoreThe Findability Score shows the likelihood you will be found for the topics and keywords you’re tracking versus your competition. Users receive information at a granular level to determine findability by keyword group, content group, or conversion type versus their competitors.

Projected Traffic predicts the potential audience traffic to competitor content for the topics and keywords users are tracking and delivers an estimation of potential audience views for each piece of content.

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“The competitors you know about are only half the battle,” stated Ray Grieselhuber, CEO & Founder of GinzaMetrics, “For most brands, new competitors are constantly emerging while existing players in the market are shifting focus to create content that drives traffic away from your site. The loss of traffic from the aggregate of these players can be substantial before you are even aware of their existence. Competitor Discovery empowers brands to track up-and-coming competition while discovering new niche or microsites by existing competitors.”

Competitor Insights

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Competitor Discovery is the newest addition to GinzaMetrics’ existing Competitor Insights Suite which includes discovering, monitoring, analyzing, and reporting on your industry and its players. Knowing the importance of staying ahead of the competition, the GinzaMetrics platform provides users with daily monitoring of you and your competitor’s content, social media, SEO, and paid efforts. GinzaMetrics’ Marketing Channel Insights view includes detailed information on all channels driving traffic to user’s content including email, affiliate, mobile, SEO, paid search, advertising, and more to shed light on what content is successful with which target audience members for the competition and for themselves.

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For a deeper dive, watch the video: Competitor Discovery Tool

When you’re ready to discover new competitors and stay one step ahead of existing competitors without lifting a finger, we’re here to help. Let’s get started with your demo and we’ll show you what we can do.