Another Google Algorithm Change Prompts Updates In Analytics

Another Google Algorithm Change Prompts Updates In Analytics

Changing Algorithms

Google has updated their search algorithm again.  Just a few days ago, it was announced that Google has added a new update to their local search algorithm, named by Search Engine Land as the “Pigeon update.” With Google’s constantly changing algorithms, some minor and others major – Google Panda and Google Penguin – the marketers and SEO managers we have been talking with want greater insight into the impact these algorithm updates have on site rankings and KPIs.

Smart Annotations

In response to this need, we’ve added Smart Annotations to the GinzaMetrics dashboard.  Smart Annotations will allow practitioners to understand the impact of algorithm changes as well as their own website changes on ranking and KPIs.  In addition to giving you greater insight into the causes of daily ranking fluctuations, this multi-layer feature also allows you to create your own tracking features.  As with all our features, Smart Annotations is customizable, allowing users to turn the existing features on and off directly from their reporting screens.

User Friendly

Smart Annotations is user-friendly and is easily viewable and downloadable into your Workflow and Task Management menu.  The feature is also included in GinzaMetrics API and is available for you to include in custom report modules.

smart annotations in marketing and SEO dashboard

Let us know what you think

We would love to hear your feedback on our latest feature and your experience with the newest Google algorithm change. Please contact us with any thoughts or suggestions.