Our site audit strategy series delivers the foundation for why SEO and content audits are beneficial to your business and how to get started with yours. No matter where you are in the marketing ecosystem, a good site audit that is goal-driven, helps you make the best decisions. Coupling the audit with our Building a Keyword Strategy series, you can quickly see how the two work together to give you insight into your audience, the intent behind their content choices, conversions, and competition.

Below, we walk through what each episode in the series touches on, as well as provide access to the video and blog post overview associated with that week.

Site Audit Strategy for Marketing, SEO, and Content

Episode 1: Site Audits 101

In our first site audit strategy episode we discuss why conducting an audit is important to you, your team, and your organization. We review:

  • Benefits of audits
  • Types of audits (there are more than eight!)
  • Errors and issues that audits can uncover
  • Findability ecosystem in our marketing
  • Discovering target audiences

Check out the full episode below!

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Site Audit Strategy for Marketing, SEO, and Content

Episode 2: SEO and Content Audit Deliverables and Details

What should you get from an audit, what does it cost, and how can I determine deliverable formats? We dive into that in our second episode in the site audit strategy series. We covered topics including:

  • Categories of deliverables
  • Common cost structures
  • What types of deliverables are included in various audit types
  • Competitor insights and intelligence in your audits
  • Considerations and formatting for your deliverables

Learn more from the full webinar below.

Site Audit Strategy for Marketing, SEO, and Content

Episode 3: Site Audit Resources – Agency, In-House, or Something Else?

Who is going to tackle the audit and why are they the best choice? During this episode we dive into the pros and cons of in-house, agency, and contractor choices – and talk about hybrid solutions as well.

We also talk about the frequency of each type of audit and how that might change if you’re an e-commerce company, a startup, or a large organization (and everything in between!).

Once you’ve done your audit(s) someone’s gotta put all those great recommendations in place – who will handle that? We discuss that too.

Trying to get started with an audit? Get on a quick discovery call with us and we’ll walk through options.

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