SEO in the dark? Site audits shed light on issues and opportunities

You probably need a site audit, and our guess is you may not know it, you may have paid too much for one, or you may be looking for where to start. A successful site audit isn’t simply a list of issues from a crawling tool, it is a strategic look at your site, your product(s) / service(s), and your content strategy. It should provide a list of action items, priorities, and impact on your business – presented and then followed up on with your team.

The proprietary combination of DemandSphere’s suite of search and content tools coupled with agency auditing techniques, allows us to meticulously detail your brand’s website and offsite content. We examine:

  • Site and URL structure
  • Crawl and index barriers
  • Metadata optimization opportunities
  • HTML body code
  • Page speed and response times
  • Image optimization and naming
  • Crosslinking
  • Backlink profile
  • Content formatting
  • . . . And many more SEO ranking factors
SEO Site Audits & Content Tuning Guides

SEO Audit Reports

Our SEO audit reports clearly and concisely grade your site across each ranking factor, and easy-to-understand explanations on why each ranked factor is important. We treat our SEO audit reports as an educational opportunity in an accessible, relevant way.

SEO Content and Site Tuning Guides

Once the audit is complete and presented to you, our agency services team builds a custom SEO Tuning Guide, with clear solutions to each of your site’s findability pain points identified in the SEO audit. This is where our agency services solutions really shine: our search specialists are available to walk your teams through implementation.

SEO Site Audits & Content Tuning Guides

What happens after a site audit?

Well that all depends on your needs and team. If you’ve got a rockstar situation in place with your web, SEO, and content teams and they’re ready to tackle the audit list – we’ll prioritize it, review it with them, and hand it off. We’ll also schedule check-ins at 30 and 90 days to see how things are progressing.
Need a hand in implementation? We can do that too. Whether it’s some or all of the audit’s suggestions you’d like to take on, we can review priorities and discuss impact on your site’s traffic and conversions to make guided decisions about next steps.

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