Conducting thorough, ongoing keyword research is a central pillar for any successful SEO program – research about your own brand’s products and categories, about your competitors’ features and messaging, and about new content discoveries that drive more qualified, incremental traffic to your brand’s site.

An “Always-On” Keyword Tactics

Keyword research is an open-ended activity; user search trends are constantly changing, and today’s popular search term may fall off the radar tomorrow. New terms and phrases are being introduced daily.

By relentlessly revisiting and refining past research while continually on the hunt for new brand-appropriate content topics, DemandSphere’s keyword research agency services offering ensures you are constantly on-top of which keywords your brand needs to own.

Keyword Research Managed Service

Understanding Your Brand at the Segment Level

Product and category keywords only tell half the story – your brand is unique, and your brand’s keyword strategy should intimately reflect this. To make sure our keyword research is relevant to your brand, our keyword discovery process is based on your unique Segment Map – a visualization of your marketing ecosystem.
The Segment Map divides up your marketing mix into categories such as:

  • Products
  • Features
  • Solutions
  • Campaigns
  • UVPs (unique value propositions)
  • Audiences
  • Locations
  • And more

We align keywords, content, and competitors to your Segment Map for a complete view of your market and content. Our search marketing specialists spend time to understand your brand’s positioning and messaging to design best-fit, tailor-made keyword strategies aimed precisely at reaching your brand’s online goals.

Keyword Research Managed Service

Keyword Research Services

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to our solutions. That means we can tailor your keyword research to what fits your goals, organization structure, team type, location(s), and more.

Keyword research and discovery output options include:

  • Platform or tool integration with DemandMetrics, DemandRankings, or others
  • csv exports
  • Excel
  • Presentation format as PowerPoint, Keynote, or PDF
  • And more

We break down keywords for individual sites, locations, audience types, and other goals that you have so that your keyword discovery document truly serves your marketing and findability needs. Learn more with a quick discovery call

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