Not all rank tracking tools are created equally

How do we know? Because we’ve been building a rank tracking tool that works across international search engines, devices, and now “alternative search engines” for over a decade. We’ve watched, we’ve learned, we’ve passed along our insights to our users and to marketers worldwide.

Here are the most common issues we hear from the industry about rank tracking tools and SEO platforms:

  • Marketers want daily ranking data because things change fast and we need to adapt quickly
  • Competitor ranking data should be there too!
  • Universal search elements (Knowledge Panel, People Also Ask, Answer Box, Local Pack, etc.) are a must
  • It should be easy to add keywords or import them from Google Analytics, Search Console, or another platform
  • SEOs don’t want to be charged per search engine or device
  • Research tools should be available, but only paid for if used
  • Same for competitor discovery tools
  • Reporting should be simple and unlimited

We heard you. So meet DemandMetrics and the DemandRankings tools.

Universal search elements are not just included, they’re integrated

Sure you’re looking at where you are on the page but if all you’re seeing is a “position 2” notification when there are four ads, an Answer Box, and a People Also Ask accordion on the page, that position 2 has a totally different meaning.

If you have to explain why traffic or conversions have changed while rank hasn’t – this is the view for you.

Get started with a better rank tracking tool
Daily rank tracking tool for great SEO
Daily rank tracking tool for great SEO

Daily rank tracking is really the only way to do it

  • Monthly rank tracking = 12 data points PER YEAR. Why even bother?
  • Weekly rank tracking = 4 datapoints per month. Your competitors are laughing.
  • Daily rank tracking for you AND your competitors on every search engine and device?= YES, please! (Especially when it doesn’t cost more.)

Here’s the deal with daily rank tracking, there are so many reasons to do it that we struggled to narrow it down to just these three:

  1. Search engines update their ranks and algorithms all the time, why wait to see the impact?
  2. You and your competitors are releasing content constantly – you need to stay ahead of the curve.
  3. Anomalies (basically days where data tanks or hits a high) can cost you big bucks if you can’t check again for several days.

Convinced yet? We thought so. Daily rank tracking – it’s really the only way for today’s SEO and content marketing.

Daily rank tracking tool for great SEO

A rank tracking tool built by real SEOs and content marketers

When we were in your shoes as in-house, agency, and contract SEOs and content marketers, we hated dealing with typical tools. We had to pay for individual users, reporting was limited by budget, and every pricing plan felt like a one-size-fits-none option.

So we made users, reports, and custom dashboards unlimited. We don’t charge extra for tracking multiple search engines and devices. And we let you build your own platform or suite of tools if one of our plans doesn’t work for you. Our feelings aren’t even hurt – we like the challenge of creating something custom for our clients, so tell us your challenges and we’ll tackle them right alongside you.

rank tracking tool includedUnlimited users

rank tracking tool includedUnlimited reports

rank tracking tool includedMore search engines and devices


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